Pourvoirie du PĂȘcheur

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Boat rentals

Chaloupes pourvoirie du pecheur

                                                                                        The outfitter facility is bordering Lake Tapani which is over 4 miles long, the ideal place for a romantic stroll or a family expedition, or better a fabulous fishing.

A beautiful destination is the Ecological Reserve Tapani that protects the island Tapani or the island of Blue Heron, located in the center of Lake Tapani (also known as the island of the Indians on topographic maps).

The reserve protects a black ash tree whose age is 180 to 200 years old. The Tapani name, common in the region, come from the Algonquin name of watercress.


    Row boat:

      25$ /day



    Electric motor 20$ /day
    9HP 40,00$ /day


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